Profile Details

7. Faisal

Research Consultant

  • MS in Statistics
  • Key expertise include proposal preparation, methodology preparation and finalization, statistical modeling, survey implementation, probabilistic as well as purposive sampling, training and quality assurance, monitoring, data analysis, statistical (uni-variate, bi-variate, multi-variate) analysis, management and coordination, and report writing.
  • 7 years of research experience for all the major UN agencies, international NGOs and government autonomous organization in more than 50 studies
  • Has experience of working in Vietnam as Statistician for UNFPA Vietnem.
  • Life Member of Bangladesh Statistical Association.


Faisal Mohammad Ahamed, after graduation and post graduation from Department of Statistics, working as a Research consultant in a reputed Bangladeshi private research organization- ‘Human Development Research Centre (HDRC)’. He has knowledge and analysis capability on various statistical tools and techniques in handling large-scale quantitative data analysis. He was involved in more than 10 studies where large-scale data management was required. He has experience of analyzing and managing complex national level data such as Household Income Expenditure Survey (HIES) and Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey (BDHS). He has experience of working in Vietnam as Statistician for UNFPA Vietnem. He is the Life Member of Bangladesh Statistical Association. In years of involvement with HDRC, he has already been involved in more than 50 studies.

Some of his research works are available online:

  1. Study on the Quality of Family Planning Services in Viet Nam (UNFPA Vietnam, 2017); Web link:
  2. Value for Money Study on Sanitation, Hygiene Education and Water Supply in Bangladesh (SHEWA-B) Programme Interventions (Unicef Bangladesh, 2015); Web link:
  3. Improving the Targeting Effectiveness of Social Safety-nets in Bangladesh (Cabinet Division and the General Economics Division, Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, 2017); Web link: