28. Shawaly

Sr. Research Associate

  • MSS in Women and Gender Studies; MA in Gender and Culture
  • Expertise on gender analysis; she has worked on SRHR issues, VAW, women’s’ inheritance on land, maternal and neonatal health initiatives
  • 5 years of research experience for studies conducted for UN Agencies and international NGOs

Hasna Hena Shawaly has developed her research career as a gender analyst and performed in several socio-economic studies from gender perspectives. One of her major interests is on policy analysis. She gathered her research experience in another crucial sector ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”. Her notable study is done with street children for UNICEF study and following to this she has remained active in several studies focused on disadvantaged groups of the society. Moreover, she has involved into several exigent study issues like violence against women, women’s inheritance laws and maternal and neonatal health initiatives. Shawaly has worked for several UN organizations and international NGOs. With these involvements, she has built up her efficiency in analyzing ample quantitative and qualitative data of primary level. Addition to this, she has trained up on media advocacy while working for tobacco taxation. She completed her MSS and BSS degrees from the Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka; and completed her MA degree in Gender and Culture from Swansea University, Wales, UK.