23. Tanir

Research Consultant

  • M.S. in Geography and Environment
  • Expertise on work with spatial data using GIS and Remote Sensing software namely ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine. Also have good knowledge in computer hardware assembling and maintenance
  • 12 years of research experience
  • Provided a significant number of research assistance and consultancy services to different national and international organization and also worked in several projects of Bangladesh government including Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project (PMBP)
  • Has number of research publications

Tanvir Hossain, Assisstant Professor, Dept. of Geography and Environment, Jagannath University, conducting courses on GIS and Remote Sensing, Geomorphology, Basic Sciences and Field research methods and techniques. He has a long research experience in the field of GIS, climate change and disaster management. Tanvir is highly capable to prepare spatial database using GIS and remote sensing software. In last 12 years, he has provided a significant number of consultancy services to different international and national NGOs and government agencies of Bangladesh. He has obtained several training on application of geo-informatics & spatial information for disaster management; disaster risk management and risk transfer; cyclone disaster risk reduction and management. Tanvir has number of acclaimed research-based publications including one book as author (Road Accident in Highways of Bangladesh (2010): A Temporal Study).

Some of his published journal papers are:

  1. Salauddin, Md., Hossain, K.T., Tanim,I.A., Kabir, Md. A. and Saddam, M.H. (2018) Modelling spatio-temporal shoreline shifting of a coastal island in Bangladesh using geospatial techniques and DSAS extension; Annals of Valahia University of Targoviste. Geographical Series (2018), 18(1): 7-19;DOI: 10.2478/avutgs-2018-0001 ISSN (Print): 2393-1485, ISSN (Online): 2393-1493
  2. Miah, J., Hossain, K.T. and Hossain, M.A. (2017) Spatial expansion of urban areas and land use land cover (LULC) changes in the south eastern coast of Bangladesh,  Jagannath University Journal of Life & Earth Sciences, Vol:2, Issue: 1
  3. Hossain, K.T., Tanim, I.A. and Salauddin, Md. (2017) Change Detection of forest cover: A study of NijhumDwip National Park, Hatiya, Noakhali, Jagannath University Journal of Life & Earth Sciences, Vol: 2, Issue: 2
  4. Luna, S.S. and Hossain, K.T. (2017) Mode choice behaviour of commuters in rural area: Do latent factors matter? Jagannth University Journal of Life & Earth Sciences, Vol:3, Issue:1.
  5. Hossain, K. T., Salauddin, Md., and Tanim, I.A., (2016) Assessment of the Dynamics of Coastal Island in Bangladesh Using Geospatial Techniques: Domar Char, Journal of The Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Science, vol.42 no. 2 (ISSN 1016-6947)

Tanvir completed his graduation and post graduation from Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with an admirable result. He is the life member of Bangladesh Geographical Society (BGS). He was working as a manager of departmental football and cricket team and also the other indoor games. Tanvir was born in December 05, 1979.