Labor market studies are being conducted in three countries of destination for IOM

International Organization for Migration (IOM), under the project “Bangladesh: Sustainable Reintegration and Improved Migration Governance” funded by the European Union (EU); has assigned “Human Development Research Centre (HDRC)” to conduct a labour market research for overseas migration from Bangladesh. The objective of this work is to provide research-based support to the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment (MoEWOE) & Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) to conduct labour market research in 3 selected destination countries. The study will map the status of Bangladeshi migrant workforce in the countries of destination and labour market scenarios of thsoe countries. The research will assess the capabilities of Bangladesh and will make recommendations so taht teh country becomes able to join the labour market of the destination countries ensuring aspects of safe migration. The study duration is 2018—19.