Profile Details

12. Manzuma

Research Consultant

  • MSS in Sociology
  • Sociologist; Expert on gender-development nexus
  • 10 years of research experience with more than 20 studies commissioned by UN agencies and international NGOs
  • Loves travelling, creative literature, photography, music, and movies

Manzuma Ahsan, is a research professional in the development sector, who has developed her core expertise from a sociological lens. Her expertise includes conducting mixed-method researches on various sociological and gender dimensions with extensive use of participatory approaches and analytical ability. In addition, her proficiency covers a range of gender-development nexus focusing Gender and migration; social protection and rights; violence against women; sexual harassments; inheritance rights of women; indigenous peoples; poverty and livelihood; and other issues of human rights. In last 10 years she has provided more than 20 consultancy services to the major UN agencies, national NGOs, and INGOs, in Bangladesh. Her dexterity in these consultancies were literature review, analysis of secondary data and information, key informant interviews, analysis of qualitative information, triangulation of quantitative data and qualitative information, and report writing. Manzuma has number of acclaimed research-based publications published from both home and abroad. She has completed her Graduation and Post Graduation from the Department of Sociology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with 2 First Classes. Her non-academic interests are travelling, creative literature, photography, music, and movies. She was born in December 16, 1983 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and she currently lives in the same city.