Profile Details

Research Consultant

  • PhD in Sociology
  • Expertise on socio-economic survey research of development interventions focusing marginalized groups of peoples; migration and development; health, microfinance and gender based violence
  • 16 years of research experience
  • Provided 25 consultancy services to international and national NGOs including UN agencies working in Bangladesh
  • Has number of research publications

Matiur Rahman is a Social Researcher with high academic background. He was involved in more than 25 research studies on different socio-economic issues. He has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing social survey and participatory research studies. His major professional responsibilities include selection of appropriate method for the research studies, design and development of data collection instruments, data collection using structured and semi-structured survey questionnaire, data processing, data analysis, and finally report writing. Dr. Rahman is also working in a project supported by a German NGO (Lichtbrüecke e.V.) since 2007. He supervises, monitor and evaluate development project activities of 7 Partners NGOs in Bangladesh. He also imparts capacity building training of project staff and project beneficiaries at field level and motivational training among poor group women members and credit borrowers on different socio-economic issues. Dr. Rahman has developed some modules and a training manual for microfinance staff. He has also experience in organizing workshops and seminars. He also participated in a course on development policy at the University of Bonn in Germany.

Some major studies that he was involved in are as follows:

  1. Rahman, Matiur. Nokshi Kantha in Creating Job Opportunity for Rural Poor Women, Social Science Research Council, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning, Government of the Peoples Republic Of Bangladesh, 2017.
  2. Rahman, Matiur, et al. Assess the Constraints to Promote Long Acting and Permanent Method (LAPMs). Dhaka: Conducted for NIPORT, Bangladesh by HDRC, 2013
  3. Rahman, Matiur, Microcredit in Reducing Domestic Violence against Women: An analysis of a Bridge of Light Supported Credit Programme in Bangladesh. Dhaka: Conducted for Lichtbrücke e.V. Germany, 2012
  4. Rahman, Matiur, et al. Perception of Illness and Health seeking behavior of five different ethnic groups in CHT. Dhaka: Conducted for UNDP, Bangladesh by HDRC, 2011
  5. Barkat, Abul, Rahman, Matiur, et al. Review of Social Barriers and Limitations of Village Court. Dhaka: Conducted for UNDP, Bangladesh by HDRC, 2010

Dr. Rahman has completed his PhD in Sociology from the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. He was born in Jhenaidah on 10th March 1972. He is married and father of a son. He lives with family in Dhaka. He loves reading and travelling.