Profile Details

Research Consultant

  • MA in Economics; MBA in Finance
  • Expert on overseas migration, skills development; labour market; poverty alleviation; planning, evaluation and monitoring; advocacy and lobbying
  • Has vast experience on capacity of organization building; training standards-setting and imparting; and field operation and management
  • 28 years of relevant experience
  • Affiliated to with Bangladesh Red Crescent, Bangladesh Economic Association, and National Dairy Development Forum

Having yearning for pro-poor-socio-economic-development, Sheikh Ali Ahmed has worked with non-profit, rights-based organizations—implemented integrated program for socio-economic-, microcredit and small enterprise-, health and nutrition-, and skills development for hard-to-reach-hardcore-poor and the poor. He has experience of two decades in serving in the capacity of organization building, training standards-setting and imparting, field operation and management, planning evaluation and monitoring, social-research, and advocacy and lobbying—in order to make positive changes, in tobacco-taxation, dairy-development, skill-development, decent work, and international migration issues. Currently, he is being involved mainly in research and has led—as well as—been a team member doneseveralstudies on Migration, Skill Development, Labour Market, Gender and Development, Public Health, And Poverty Alleviation issues. He has research-based publications on skill ecosystems and Skills mismatch in the labour market.

Some of his published reports are found online:

  1. Thematic Research on Migration and Development (IOM, 2017); Web link
  2. Skilling the Workforce: Labour Migration and Skills Recognition and Certification in Bangladesh (ILO, 2014); Web link:

He has some voluntary involvement with Bangladesh Red Crescent, Bangladesh Economic Association, and National Dairy Development Forum as a member, lifemember, and in various capacities in the executive committees.  Ahmed has an MA in Economics from Rajshahi University; he also had his MBA on Finance. He was born and brought up in Bangladesh and lives in Dhaka.