Sr. Management Staff

Name Academic Qualification Areas of Expertise
A.K.Monaw-war Uddin Ahmad Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Public Policy
A.K.M. Helal uz Zaman Ph.D Land Management & Administration
Abu Zahid LLM (Hons.) Law
Abul Hashem Ph.D  (Accounting) Accounting; Industrial Policy
Abul Hussam Ph.D (Chemistry) Analytical Chemistry; Arsenic Mitigation
AKM Munir MBBS, FIAGP Health; Arsenic; NGO
Amir Hossian Khan Ph.D (Chemistry) Analytical Chemistry; Arsenic Mitigation
Ansarul Karim Ph.D (Environmental Science) Environment
AQM Mahboob Ph.D  (Geography) Geography; Environment; Slum; Land; Mapping; Population
Ashraf uddin Chowdhury Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Macroeconomics
Azizul Karim MS Health; Governance; Policy
Farid M Zahid MBA, MSS (Public Administration) Monitoring & Evaluation, Education
Ferdous Jahan Ph.D (Political Science) Governance; Policy
Helal Mohd Mohiuddin Ph.D (Sociology) Anthropology; Gender
Jamal Uddin Ahmed FCA, Ph.D. (Accounting) Accounting
Kawser Ahmed LL.M Law
Kazi Akhter Hossain Ph.D. (Accounting) Accounting
Kazi Ebadul Hoque LL.M Law, Land Law Review
Mashfiqur Rahman Khan MSS (Economics) Economics; Tobacco
Mati Ur Rahman Ph.D. (Statistics) Statistics; Sampling; Modeling
Md. Shahnewaz Khan MSS (Economics) Economic Analysis, Land, Tobacco
Md. Ismail Hossain MDS, BSS (Sociology) Development, Sociology
Mir Nahid Mahmud MSS (Economics) Economics; Health Economics
Mohammad Abdul Jalil B.Sc (Engr) (CSE) Management Information System
Mohammed Helal Uddin Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Agr. & Resource Economics
Mozammel Hoque MBA (Finance), MA (English) M&E, Business Development, Management, Inst. Development
Nazma Shaheen Ph.D. (Biochemistry) Food and Nutrition; Anthropometry
Nazme Sabina MSS (Economics) Economics; Health; Development; Gender
Nazmun Nahar Ratna Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Environment; Health Economics
Nepal Chandra Sarker LL.B Land Law and Policy
Nur Ahmed Bakul MSS (Economics), LLB NGO; Law
Rahmat Ullah Ph.D (Law) Law
Rahmatullah B.Sc (Engr) Energy
Rowshan Ara Ph.D (Philosophy) Education; Adolescent; Youth; Gender
Rushad Faridi Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Microfinance
Sadeka Halim Ph.D. (Sociology) Sociology; Gender; Indigenous People
Saiful Alam Ph.D (Library and Infor Science) Information science
Sayeedul Haque Khan Ph.D (Marketing) Marketing
Selim Raihan Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Development
Shafique Uz Zaman Ph.D. (Economics) Industrial Economics
Shahadat Hossain MSS (Economics) Economics; Health Economics
Shahida Akhter MBBS, FCPS Health; Child Health
Shaker Ahmed Ph.D Quantitative Research
Syed Asrarul Haque Shopen MSS (Economics) Visual Graphic
Syed Naimul Wadood Ph.D (Economics) Economics; Public Finance
Taj Muhammad Shaikh M. Jur Judicial System & Land Law
Tawheed Reza Noor MSS (Economics) Poverty; FP-MCH; Adolescents and Sexual Health; PRA
T I M Nurun Nabi Chowdhury LLM Human rights and legislative drafting
Waresul Karim Ph.D (Finance & Banking) Finance & Banking