Welcome to Human Development Research Centre (HDRC)

Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) is a leading research organization in Bangladesh. It has earned its reputation and credibility in the domain of socio-economic studies since 1999.  HDRC has accomplished over 300 contemplative studies on multifarious issues. Guided by the objective ‘Humane development through research and action’– HDRC, through its quality research outputs, has achieved a commendable position in the field of development thinking. Besides large scale primary quantitative data and qualitative information-based research, HDRC has an impressive track record of conducting policy research and research-based advocacies which have provided insight into the way people think and make decisions.

The researchers working in this centre possess a high level of competence to deeply understand critical national and international issues, make error-free statistical analyses and write sound reports. HDRC experts are very capable to cover hard-to-reach areas and indigenous communities and collecting primary data using scientific survey formats. Aided by strong management, the organization in coherence with the needs of the assignment engages its most appropriate experts. It has proven ability and considerable experience to work with all the major Government authorities, national and international NGOs, UN agencies and development partners in Bangladesh.   Read More