Management System

Overall Governance

HDRC believes in self-management. We believe in 3Cs: Concern, Commitment, and Competence. We hire those who are concerned, have commitment and are competent enough to deal with the issues of concern. We believe that good management entails, among other things, scientific planning of all phases of our work, precise and timely reporting, appropriate management, effective administrative procedures, and drawing of high quality professionals from wherever they are located.  We believe in team-spirit.  We adopt and adapt our hard-earned professional experience in all sorts of research, training and other activities by applying the same skills, processes, knowledge, and experiences. HDRC’s management approach has evolved from the best experiences of its large pool of experts.  Our approach is to utilize the most competent persons available, give those up-to-date resources and support systems, set clear targets for their performance, and then apply appropriate mechanisms to ensure high quality output.  We appraise our performance against specified objectives, and guidance is provided in technical and managerial areas as needed.  We have found that this approach yields both well managed and cost-effective completion of tasks.

Organizational Chart

Management and Governance

HDRC is governed by a Board of Advisors, that meets at least once a year and provides policy guidance in line with HDRC’s mission and changing environment.  The Board of Advisors (BoA) comprises of committed and renowned persons and professionals in their respective fields.  HDRC maintains gender equity in the BoA.  The BoA selects one Chief Advisor (Hon.) who assumes the responsibility of heading HDRC.

Financial Management

Accounts and finance of HDRC is managed by a designated section headed by a director. Annual audit is carried out regularly. HDRC follows a well-designed financial management system. The financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Accounting Standard which are adopted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh and the relevant requirement of Schedule under the Partnership Act (Act IX of 1932) Section 58 & rule 4 (2). In addition to its qualified accounts staff, HDRC maintains an external audit system through a reputed chartered accountant firm. The financial statements are prepared annually. HDRC has a stable financial capacity to carry out large scale assignment.

Ethical Considerations

Research ethics, gender norms, equal opportunities in work, positive discrimination towards the disadvantaged ones are strictly adhered in HDRC. The centre is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh in its own premise with a conference-cum-training centre. It is equipped with all state-of-the-art technologies. The research centre has a complete automated data entry system. It has strong and stable financial standing and maintains regular external audit. A system of TQM (Total Quality Management) is instituted in HDRC.

HDRC has its own Gender Policy to support fulfilment of HDRC’s vision and its organizational objectives to make it a gender sensitive organization in all its programs, projects and routine activities. HDRC—on line with its Gender Policy—always adhere the gender equality in the works of the organization.

HDRC arranges orientation to all its members including the contents of gender equality and the plan of practices for the staff management. All staff conceptually accepts and practices the code of conduct at workplace. As a gender sensitive Organization HDRC shall ensure that no staff is to be harassed/ discriminated against, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of gender inclusive of marital status, racial or ethnic origin, mother language, colour, class, religion, caste and creed, disability, sexual orientation or any other factors/causes. HDRC recognizes that right to gender equity is a human right. Achieving gender justice will require specific measures based on equity followed by the UN-Declaration, CEDAW, Constitution of Bangladesh or any other Laws, Acts, ordinances. HDRC ensures a Zero Tolerance Policy on Sexual Harassment to prohibit all forms of sexual harassment conducted/committed by or against staff at any level in order to establish a sexual harassment free working environment. According to capacity, HDRC allocates resources i.e. financial, human and material/ logistics to programs and activities that contribute to women’s empowerment and gender equity.